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Impact Conference

Impact Conference

Where: London When: 06 March 2014

Welcome to the very first Impact Conference – a new event brought to you by Computer Arts that celebrates creative excellence and consistency across branding design.

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Who's Speaking

Michael Wolff

A founder of Wolff Olins – among the world’s most iconic design companies. Now, as Michael Wolff and Company he works with clients around the world.

Ross Phillips

Ross Phillips is an award winning Artist and Designer. He is Associate Design Director of Digital at Dalziel and Pow where he helps brands work with moving and interactive media.

Deborah Szebeko

Deborah founded thinkpublic the social design agency in 2004. Deborah has won a range of awards including Design Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 and The Design Week Service Design Award 2012.


Why socially responsible design is as much about good business sense as it is good causes


Mother’s Dylan Williams lets us in on a few secrets ahead of his talk at Impact…


Hat-Trick goes behind the scenes on its charity animation project for BHF…